June 2017

Immediately upon entry, please sign the Attendance Book located on the worktable near to the kitchen (ground floor) and pay the attendance fee of $3.00.

For all subsequent visits in the same week, you must sign the Attendance Book and make a gold coin donation.

Signing the book is a requirement of our insurers to verify attendances on any given day, and acts as your acknowledgement to comply with the following conditions of use of the club. Your daily attendance payment helps cover club running costs (power, consumables, etc).

As an RPG Club Member, you are asked to participate in the following practices

(ensuring safe work practices are always observed):

Health and safety issues: Sanding dry clay generates clay dust that is a health hazard. Use wet sponge, or take your wares outside to sand (and wear a mask). It is also necessary to wear a mask when handling raw materials or any other time clay dust may be generated. Wear appropriate personal protection when handling hazardous substances for glazes, oxide washes, and decorative treatments.

Work Room: Use newspaper or vinyl/canvas sheets to protect surfaces. When complete, give the vinyl and surrounding area a thorough wipe down with damp cloth to avoid stirring up dust; wash, dry and put away any tools; thoroughly clean brushes; pick up any big clay pieces you dropped around you.

Wheel Room: Thoroughly clean wheel and the floor area around your wheel. Do not put any thick slip or clay down the sink. Ensure any batts, tools, bench space, tables, sink, shelves etc have been left clean. Mop floor if required.

Slabroller: Use correct canvas for clay you are rolling - wipe canvas clean when finished.

Extruder: Disassemble and clean all components when finished using. Ensure components are put back on the shelf adjacent to the extruder.

Other members’ work: Do not touch, move or copy any work not created by you.

Club Library: Books must be properly logged, and are to be returned within 2 weeks.

Kiln Room: Only appointed kiln masters can load and unload the kilns. Items being left on the designated shelves for firing must be marked with member ID number. Unmarked items will not be fired. Collect fired ware within 2 weeks of firing. Uncollected ware cannot be stored and may be discarded. Bisque fired and glazed pieces will be weighed, priced and recorded in the firing logbook. Fired ware must be paid for before taking home.

Kitchen: Wash, dry and put away your cups, plates and utensils after use.

Floors: Floors are professionally mopped regularly, however, members should make every effort to clean the floor space around them before leaving the premises.

Sinks: While the club has clay traps fitted, this does not allow for the washing of thick slip or clay clumps down the drain. Separate lumps and put them into clay recycling bins before rinsing your tools and containers.

Bins: Dispose of rubbish thoughtfully in bins located in all club workrooms and kitchen. Wheelie Bins are located outside Studio 2.

Always be considerate to, and mindful of, the people and spaces around you.

Together we can maintain a happy, healthy club facility.